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Rehabilitation Gym
I would like to thank the Rehabilitation department on the wonderful job they have done with my mother, Susan D. Thanks to your dedicated staff she has come a long way with her wrist and shoulder. We are both very excited that she is able to use both extremities as she had prior to her disability.  Keep up the great work.
Cindy M.

The Rehabilitation Center, which constitutes a self-contained entity within Avista Healthcare, is fully equipped to deal with a complete range of sub-acute and traumatic injuries, as well as with less serious conditions requiring physical, occupational or speech therapy. Disabilities resulting from auto accidents, strokes, pulmonary and respiratory problems, cardiac conditions, hip fractures, traumatic brain injury and so much more, are all successfully treated at the Center.

A custom designed regimen of therapy is carefully planned for each individual resident, based on his or her specific needs, limitations, overall health and numerous other variables. Our teams of experts coordinate their formidable talents and efforts, working in consonance to maximize results.

Full time, on-site licensed Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists are here to service our residents daily. Carefully designed therapy plans are tailored for the residents who require either intense rehabilitative service over a short period of time for return home, or rehabilitation for our long term residents to maintain daily functions.

Comprehensive Short Term Rehabilitation for patients who have experienced Automobile Accidents, Orthopedic Surgery, Amputation, Falls & Fractures, Strokes, Cardiac Surgery and General Reconditioning following a long hospital stay.

Our therapy is provided in our State-Of-The-Art, beautiful and spacious Rehabilitation Gym and our therapists are committed to restoring skills and enhancing the resident's quality of life. Prior to discharge, the social worker and therapist work closely with the family and our resident to assure a smooth transition between facility and home.

Physical Therapy
Skilled physical therapists and physical therapist assistants work daily with residents to restore strength, balance, endurance and mobility through therapeutic techniques and state of the art rehabilitation equipment. Maximum function with maximum safety is the primary goal of physical therapy.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy ensures that residents regain the ability to perform "ADL's", or Activities of Daily Living, to the best of their abilities. Such activities include bathing, dressing and using the restroom. For the short term resident preparing to return to independent living, cooking, laundry and general household cleaning are activities addressed in occupational therapy.

Speech Therapy
Speech Therapy encompasses all aspects of the mouth and throat. Speech therapy is used to help residents learn swallowing techniques to reduce the risks of choking and pneumonia, as well as cognitive training after stroke and rehabilitation of speech patterns.

Come visit our Rehab Center, Call our Admissions Coordinator for an appointment, at 856-675-3000 and witness firsthand the miracles that occur here daily one resident at a time.


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